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The team of the Operating Group consists of people between 25 and 34 years of age, 99% of whom are also professionally involved with the railway. We are a young and very motivated team that works with great enthusiasm on the maintenance of the railcar, but can also spend a pleasant evening after work.

The founders

Gründer der Betriebsgruppe Triebwagen 101

Marc Favri                       Public Relations Western Switzerland, train Driver

Pascal Heinemann         Production manager, train driver

Riccardo Keller               Technical manager, public relations German-speaking Switzerland

The members

Nicole Bussola

Marit Schrempp

Florian Huber

Lukas Trüb (not in the picture)


Loïse Favri

Michael Aschwanden

Betriebsgruppe foto.jpg

Daniel Joye​

Séverine Kunz

Manuel Brunner (not in the picture)

Martin Aeschbacher

Marco Röthlisberger (not in the picture)

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