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Dear friends of the TW 101, 


During the ZMB anniversary last weekend, our railcar suffered compressor damage. Although we did not obstruct any scheduled trains or block a line, it was no longer possible to continue the journey under our own power. In the meantime, the railcar has returned to its home depot in Bauma and is now waiting to be repaired. According to current knowledge, the compressor must be replaced, a repair installed in the vehicle is not possible. We would be grateful for any information on where such a compressor can be obtained as a replacement part or as a temporary solution on loan! The performance data and a general view of the compressor can also be seen in the pictures. 


If you would like to support us financially for this purpose, we will gladly accept donations to our account (you can find our account details under "Contact"). Purpose of payment: "Kompressor".


Thank you very much for the support we have already received and to all those who have given us their support for the repair. 


We are convinced that we will soon have our old lady running again!

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