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  • Reservations are always possible.

  • Reservations are recommended for groups.

  • Reservations are mandatory for selected trips.

  • Information regarding reservations is described individually for each journey.

  • The operating group cannot guarantee that the timetable will be adhered to. In the event of delays, connections to public transport cannot be guaranteed.

  • The advertised journeys will only be carried out if there are sufficient passengers.

  • If a booking (reservation) for a public journey has been confirmed by us (in writing or verbally), part or all of the fare may be charged or corresponding fees may be levied if the customer fails to commence the journey or cancels at very short notice. 

  • Tickets are usually sold on the train. Please refer to the information provided for each journey.

  • Only special tickets issued by the operating group are valid. 

  • No discounts with GA, Half-Fare Card, Junior Card, tariff associations, etc.

  • A last-minute change in the rolling stock or cancellation of the journey is possible at any time for technical reasons.

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